that are interested in Steelhead, Salmon and Trout are invited to become active members. Ownership of a boat is not necessary and members need not be a State of Indiana resident to join.
The spouse and dependent children ( age 15 and younger ) of any active member are automatically Family Members and enjoy many of the services and priviledges of the paying member.
NWI Steelheaders Newsletter is online only. To receive notice of monthly newsletter, please put your e-mail address.
Dues are $40.00 a year.If you are a. Senior Citizen(65 and over)dues are $20.00. Please make a copy of your drivers license. Mail applications and check or money order to:
Northwest Indiana Steelheaders, Inc.
P.O. Box 701
Chesterton, Indiana 46304-0701
                                     The Northwest Indiana Steelheaders Inc. is a non-profit organization.
 We are dedicated to educating the general public and promoting anadromous sport fishing in the Great Lakes and their tributary streams and rivers..