The Northwest Indiana Steelheaders Inc. is a non-profit organization.
 We are dedicated to educating the general public and promoting anadromous sport fishing in the Great Lakes and their tributary streams and rivers..

Mike Ryan,  President
Rich Hedgepeth  Vice President
Jean Hedgepeth, Secretary
Janet Ryan, Treasurer

Paul Nicksic             2016
Arnie Andrews         2014
Gary Heminger        2016
John McArdle           2014
Gene Cerniak           2015
Walt Stepankow       2016
Ron Kasza                2014
Mike Hayman           2014
Bernie Hayman        2014
Roque Ybarra           2015
Ryan Koepke            2015

Newsletter  PDF Writer
Mike Ryan

Membership Chairman
Bill Burket
All Membership Questions & NWIS Property Acess should be directed to the Membership Chairman

Web Master
Jean Hedgepeth

Congratulations to all who participated in the State  Stream & Surf Tournament held on Saturday December 6, 2014. Thank you to Tony Childers owner of Tony's Bait and Tackle in Michigan City for holding the weigh-in there. A special Thanks to Mike Ryan , Rich Hedgepeth and Jamie Kost for making the Tournament a success.

The Results of the State Stream & Surf Tournament

1st Place  Anthony Talarico            13lbs. 8oz.

2nd Place  Brian Krueger                 11lbs. 7oz.

3rd Place   Robert Dobrowolski     10lbs. 7oz.    Time 2:00 pm

4th Place   Don Moore                       10lbs. 7oz.      Time 2:34 pm
5th Place   Josh Patton                         9 lbs. 3 oz
6th Place   Kevin Krupa                        8 lbs. 13oz
7th Place  Dan Rostecki                       7 lbs  3oz.
8th Place  Mary Ryba                            4 lbs 15oz.